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Stave and Teresa
Steve and Teresa Mitchell took over ownership of Rocking Horse Bakery from its founders, Dave and Meghan, in October 2010, but our interest in both the Methow Valley and making great food began much earlier.

Steve began exploring the trails of the Methow by bike in the 1980’s, then introduced Teresa to the Valley in the early 1990’s when they began riding their mountain tandem on the trails around Sun Mountain. The sense of community, passion for adventure and commitment to conservation they felt during those visits left an indelible mark…one that ultimately influenced their decision to settle their family in Winthrop this past year.

Outdoor adventure and great food have been complimentary passions for the Mitchells for years. Steve was an “early adopter” mountain biker, spending as many free hours as possible finding new trails to pedal, then ending his rides at a local bakery. Honey Bear in Seattle, Upper Crust in Chico, The Cinnamon Twisp, and Umpleby’s in Vermont were regular pre and post-ride hangouts.

Teresa’s sense of adventure and culinary heritage are deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest, but were broadened in the late 1980’s when she traveled to India, Thailand and Nepal. The exotic flavors of these cultures eventually led to the creation of Annapurna Foods, a small gourmet food company specializing in Indian spice blends. Through Annapurna, Teresa offered event catering services and held cooking classes for foodies interested in adding Indian food to their culinary repertoire. Her spice blends, previously sold through farmer’s markets, are now prominent features on the Rocking Horse menu.

The Mitchells feel fortunate to be part of a team of talented and friendly bakers and baristas who make the Rocking Horse Bakery rock!


Inside Rocking Horse Bakery
Rocking Horse Bakery is proud to serve our Valley locals and visitors from afar, freshly baked handcrafted delicacies, including artisan breads and bagels, decadent pastries, mouthwatering scones and muffins, and specialty cakes, pies and cookies.  Gourmet “made-from-scratch” soups, sandwiches, salads and pizza are made daily and feature many local ingredients.  Try our 100% Organic, Fair trade coffee and espresso roasted locally in Winthrop by Backcountry Coffee Roasters.

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At The Rocking Horse, our community friends and businesses are important to us….....we support the following organizations.

MVSTA   Central Reservations   
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Community School   Methow Valley Community School
Aeromethow   Aero Methow Rescue Service
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